Occidental College Laboratory is for the Birds – all 65,000 of Them, The Eastsider LA, April 2015

Hidden gems on the second floor of a secluded campus building. The cabinets are plain and ordinary on the outside, but once opened, they reveal birds of all shapes, sizes and colors. A rainbow of feathers.

Dead Sea Scrolls, The Tidings, March 2015

Holy Scriptures are just one element of exhibition at California Science Center.

Vessels and Channels, The Tidings, January 2015

Spending time with artists is a reminder of the creative spirit. Artist Simon Toparovsky discusses his latest exhibition at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.

Best Whale Watching Season Ever?, SoCalWild, December 2014

Being out on the ocean is always exhilarating, especially here in Southern California where sea life is constantly on the move. Seeing whales puts all of life in perspective.

Critter Corridors in the Classroom, SoCalWild, December 2014

The energy is this classroom is infectious, as were the students’ presentations.

A Forest of Possibilities, SoCalWild, November 2014

A comeback story in the making. A once decimated area now blooming and lively. Nature does find a way.

Less Poison in the Parks; More Owls in the Sky?, SoCalWild, October 2014

Toxic poisons are killing and sickening more than just rats in Los Angeles. Maybe owls are part of a cleaner solution?

Spectacular Rubens, The Tidings, October. 2014

When I rounded the corner to enter the Getty museum gallery, I gasped. Out loud and loud. The sheer beauty and majesty of the paintings and tapestries was overwhelming. The curator Anne Woollett said to me: “That’s just the reaction we want to see.”

Fishing the L.A. River – No Joke, SoCalWild, September 2014

When I was younger, I loved fishing back in Minnesota with my grandfather and cousins. The L.A. River has the potential to be a vibrant waterway, according to many enthusiasts, scientists and more.

Filling SoCal Skies, SoCalWild, August 2014

The sight and sound of thousands of Mexican free-tail bats emerging out from underneath a bridge is breathtaking. So is people watching at this SoCal location near Hemet.