Bold Birds, SoCalWild, November, 2013

I’m a sucker for brilliant wildlife photography — not to mention energetic and passionate photographers like Jennifer MaHarry whose recent exhibition “Nature LA: Birds of Prey” features local SoCal raptors.

‘Saints and Martyrs’ at the Getty, The Tidings, Sept. 2013

I love visiting the Getty and it’s so fun to interview curators like Liz Morrison who are so enthusiastic about their subject matter.

Galleries of Change, Arroyo Monthly, October 2013

Home remodeling nightmares? Not when the Autry National Center decided to change up two of their galleries. I enjoyed discovering how the designers think when it comes to large public spaces.

Critter Migration, Westways Magazine, October 2013

Critter Corner! I wish I could write one of these every month! There is so much wildlife to see in SoCal every DAY!!

Home on the Pickleweed, SoCalWild, August 2013

Proving that rock star birds are around us in SoCal at all times, the Belding’s Savannah sparrow is a story of perseverance and pluckiness.

Worlds of Whimsy, Westways Magazine, June 2013

What a fun topic to research — great old playgrounds in Southern California. Makes me wish my daughter was once again 6 years-old!

Back to the Land, Arroyo Monthly, June, 2013

After talking with the owners of these active BnBs, I went running to my calendar to see when I could go and experience a little down-home escapism!

Everyone Into the Water! The EastsiderLA, May, 2013

I enjoyed working with super photog Martha Benedict on this article about the pilot program of re-opening of the LA River to kayakers and boaters. I know I’ll have to jump in and paddle this summer!

Reptile Hunting at Malibu Creek, SoCalWild, May 2013

An eye-opening day with kids, scientists, snakes and lizards. Did I mention a rattlesnake?

Walk This Way, Arroyo Monthly, April 2013

For this Arroyo Monthly article, I laced up my walking shoes to find out how seniors are keeping fit with the simple art of putting one foot in front of the other.